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The European, Middle Eastern and African Antitrust Review 2018 - Israel: Overview

Published: Sep, 2017  -  Israel

 The Restrictive Trade Practices Law, 5748-1988 (the Law) is the primary law dealing with antitrust issues in Israel and its objective is to prevent harm to competition or the public. The Law contains the substantive rules that apply to the various restrictive trade practices (restrictive arrangements; mergers; monopolies; concerted groups).

In addition, the Law encompasses rules concerning the structure and the powers of the Israeli Antitrust Authority (the IAA), the director general of the IAA (the director general) and the Antitrust Tribunal (the Tribunal), as well as procedural rules that apply to cases brought before each of them. Recent years have been characterised by a trend for strengthening the position of the IAA; increasing administrative enforcement as well as the focus of the IAA on its advisory capacity within the government; and increasing civil ‘follow-on’ class actions against international cartels.

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